Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love the look....

 Today, I'm all about casual luxury......a soft t-shirt, comfy suede shoes, a vintage designer watch, a personalized touch, feminine lace details...I think you get the picture....A pair of jeans or fitted black or white pants would work perfectly with this look!

I'm convinced it doesn't take a tons of money to create something fantastic that is entirely yours. This can be done with both your wardrobe and home. (or any creative venture for that matter). If you're feeling stuck, take a break for a few days and try again from a different approach. Sometimes starting from scratch is the best answer. ;) Bonsoir!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thoughts on home...

With Fall approaching, I'm looking forward to focusing some of my energy and time on the inside of my home. Much like the cobbler anecdote, my projects tend to come last. I can't really bare to spend the gorgeous weekends indoors on "home" projects during the summer months. When the weather turns raw and chilly I enjoy focusing on my house!!

This top image shows what I have done so far on my daughter Emerson's room. I had custom pillows made along with Pottery Barn Kids bedding.(PB Kids is having a 60% off  Labor Day Sale) The walls are painted light pink in Clark+Kensington's : Cherry Blossom 03D-1. It is a beautiful pale pink shade. The two images below are of my grandmother's (we called her Memere) bed. She was a very special person and I'm looking forward to using her bed in my daughter's room. Emmi and I chatted about her room this morning and we've decided to paint the bed a pretty yellow shade. I think the rug will be pink and white. Then all I have left to finish up is the artwork framing and selections. I am also adding two display shelves for her favorite books and accessories. I've also relocated an antique pine armoire to her room that didn't work in mine. 

Inspiration photos
I've always had this image in my head. I'll most likely use a yellow shade much like this! I think it will mix well with the bedding but also work with other shades should we (she) decide to change the color scheme later on. (Funny this picture is from Emerson Fry's house. I love her clothing and this sweater for the Fall!)

This bed style is similar. I like the pineapple detail on my Memere's bed though!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Off and running today...I am visiting a custom furniture maker (one of my favorite things to design) to check in on the progress of two amazing pieces, then to another appointment and finally trying to squeeze in a little back to school shopping with my seven year old son (who is becoming very opinionated about his clothing choices, are you finding this??) before having to race to pick up my daughter at child care.

One element that separates a strong designer from the rest is being able to pull together a cohesive story, this is especially true with marketing and graphic designers. I came across these collateral images today. They tie in beautifully with the store front and all facets of this floral business. Well done!

Have a great one! xx
images via 

and the store front!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cottage love #16

Hello, hello...I'm back with another beautiful home on this gorgeous Monday ;)... I am always so excited to come across an inspiring home to share with you all. This week's beauty is Kathryn Stockett's (the author of the book, The Help) fabulous abode. It is located in a suburb of Atlanta and it does not disappoint.

I will be forever drawn to white bungalows and this version with the addition of large iron windows is a stunner! I honestly can say I would take the outside view of this house in a second, just add a pool and I'd be in heaven. All images courtesy of Atlanta Homes + Lifestyles magzine.
Those doors!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Shelter Loves....

I took a few days off this week, so I have book end blog posts! I'll return next week everyday with fresh inspiration and ideas.

Happy Friday, here is what I'm eyeing this week.....

1. Blue and brass go beautifully together!! Loving this bar set up in the butler pantry.
2. This quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder is pretty pure but isn't it true??
3. I need to add this Alex and Ani bangle to my collection of bracelets.
4. Pineapples as center piece and name holders? I like it, especially for a "ladies who lunch" meeting or brunch!
5. I'm loving the idea of a craft center for kids.
6. Nordstrom now carries Joules wellies.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Love the look

I missed my "love the look" post last week so I thought I'd share it with you this am. The summer is winding down and I'm heading to Vermont to chill out for a couple of days. It's my last vaca with my kiddies this summer. My bags are packed with comfy staples and casual looks. I'm loving the high top trend and will be buying some this Fall. Here's a typical outfit I wear on casual days. I'll also be bringing tanks, a bathing suit and yoga pants to finish off my wardrobe! Be back on Thursday! xx


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Organize!! Land's End - Home

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Land's End Home catalog this week. I LOVE the idea of organizing my life a bit more (doesn't it give you a sense of control over your life when things are orderly??) The idea of labeled and easily transported totes as an organizing tool is genius. I love it and am definitely going to order a hats and mittens tote for the Fall. I don't have a mudroom (someday) whomp, whomp so I have to make to due with a small closet. I think pretty totes is the answer!! Now to decide what look I want? Classic canvas or something a bit more jazzy...;)
Item info and links below!

I'm also liking these pretty leopard towels!! Cause who doesn't love new towels??

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shelter loves and a must read article!

Here is what is on my mind this week....

1. Robin Williams...The world is mourning a brilliantly funny and warm man. I was so sad to hear about his passing. Mental illness is a complex disease. I just hope this brings more awareness of the darkness depression brings to those who are fighting it on a daily basis. Mental illness will touch us all in one way or another during our lifetime. Elizabeth Hawksworth has written a piece below that is well worth the read....

I feel I have everything in life if myself, family and friends are physically and mentally healthy. My prayers go out to his family and to anyone struggling with mental illness. Rest in peace, Robin Williams. 

3. O.P. is one of my favorite fashionistas.
4. Don't have room for a closet and an office? Combine the two!
5. I try to purchase a new blazer every fall. I dress them both up and down! I would LOVE a new tweed one similar to Olivia's and to this one.
6. Loving this faux horn rimmed hobo bag from J.Crew

VIA: This blog

What Suicide Isn’t (RIP, Robin Williams)

I was coming home from a long day of working when I saw the news on Twitter. Today, probably sometime this morning, Robin Williams, beloved American actor, passed away in his California home. It is suspected that he committed suicide, probably from asphyxiation.
In the short hour since his death broke to the world, I’ve seen a number of reactions. I’ve seen people saddened and shocked. I’ve seen them skeptical and decreeing how suicide is a “waste”. I’ve seen countless photos, videos, and quotations from the many characters Williams played, each one meaning so much to all of us who watched him in all of his films. In fact, I will be watching my favourite Robin Williams film, “Dead Poets’ Society”, tonight, in memoriam.
But I was compelled to write this article because like any mental-illness related accident or death, there but for the grace of God go I. And it’s not only in poor taste to deride a man who by all accounts, was going though severe depression at the time of his death, it’s also just plain wrong. Suicide isn’t “giving up” or “giving in”. Suicide is a terrible decision made by someone whose pain is so great that they can no longer hold it, and feel they have no other option in life but to end it. It’s a decision you can’t take back, and a decision that will affect your friends and family forever. It is not taken lightly.
Losing a person to suicide may feel like a waste. And I think it’s fair to react to it that way, especially in the first hard days of grief. For someone looking in, it does seem like a waste – especially in the case of Williams, who was a brilliantly funny man and a talented actor. But imagine, if you will, feeling so desperate, so desolate, so incredibly sad and hurt that you honestly cannot see a way out. The feelings leading to suicide are the darkest a human mind can fathom. It’s like being shut into a dark tunnel with no point of light to guide your way. You can hear voices on the outside, but the walls are too thick to get in. And feeling like it’s closing in, like there’s no way out – well, suicide, for that person, is a blessed release. Life, however, is never wasted. Williams did things in his life that touched people to their core. It is a sad, sad loss, but it is not a waste.
Suicide is not a weak decision. It is a decision that takes an incredible amount of strength to make, actually. Someone isn’t weak if they end their life. They are desperate. There is a difference. It’s okay to feel angry at the person for dying. It’s okay to question, to rail against the forces that caused this. But it isn’t weakness. Mental illness isn’t weakness. It’s a disease, a pervasive, sometimes awful disease. The person doesn’t deserve anger and skepticism forever. They deserve compassion. Their family deserves compassion.
Ending a life is incredibly, incredibly tragic. It represents a lost battle with mental illness. In that, it is no different than cancer, or diabetes, or a heart attack. Where it is different is that suicide is a choice. Whether it is the right or wrong choice for that person is solely the business of that person who commits suicide. But for the family left behind, it is devastating.
Don’t rail against Robin Williams, or anyone else, for committing suicide (if indeed, that is the cause of his death). Instead, reach out. Let people know you’re there for them. Find a crisis line in your area to call if you are feeling desperate and like you want to do something you can’t take back. Support the family and friends left behind in the best way you can. Let the people you love know that you love them and that you are thinking about them. Let them know that they are not alone.
Robin Williams taught me innumerable things about how to reach out to people and bring out the best in them. Through his characters, he taught me to seize the day, to make them laugh, to find everyone’s sense of humour, to be a friend. I will miss his work and his bright light in the world. I am so sorry that he felt like there was no other option. I send my love and my compassion to his family.
Oh captain, my captain, I hope you find peace on the other side.
To everyone who may be reading this, if you need to talk at all – I am available to listen, whoever you are. You are not alone.
RIP, Robin Williams.

Monday, August 11, 2014

House Love!! (in lieu of Cottage Love) this week!

Wow, it isn't often lately that I come across a house that I ADORE!! I love beginning the week with a goodie. This design collaboration between Darius Rucker and Angie Hranowsky is perfection. The mix of old and new, plus modern and glam is fabulous!! All images via Domaine home. ENJOY! Hope your week is off to a great start. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Love the look.....

Every season I usually invest in two or three pairs of new shoes. I honestly put some time and effort into thinking about what shoe(s) I will get the most use out of and what pair(s) will last me a few years. I chose classic styles over very trendy ideas and I also try to envision how and what I will wear them with!! With that said here is my Fall round up. I often buy my favorites early because my size 9 1/2 -10 (even though I thought I had a large foot!) seems to be pretty popular!! I don't wear tons of heels because they don't make much sense in my line of work. I do however love wearing heels out at night! I also invest in a new pair of running sneakers and put on slippers as soon as I get home!

Have a fabulous weekend!



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